Broken in the right places

Years ago, a friend gave me the book, “Broken In the Right Place” by Alan Nelson.  I didn’t like reading about being broken, but today I can testify to the validity of the book.  He begins by describing the most beautiful, wild stallion. In all it’s glory, it is strong and proud and free. It rules over the other horses just by it’s powerful presence. It is a glorious sight! Everyone who looks on is in awe, as it bucks and prances and revels in its elegance.

Yes, yes, yes!!! ….so why couldn’t he just have stopped there? I would like that so much better….but he asks the question. “How useful is that horse to it’s master?”

Uh, I guess it is useful for breeding, but it can’t be ridden or used for any helpful tasks. It will never be in tune with a rider or know how to take instruction to go anywhere specific. To the master it has far less value than the broken horse next to it.

Pain. Discipline. Rebuke. Work. Training. More pain.  These are the elements required to make any self-willed, strong-willed animal usable to a master. Thankfully, we are not just like horses, and our Master is gentle and most patient.  He leads us and trains us carefully, but he does break us.  We get to choose to put ourselves into his care in the first place. And we get to choose our response to his “breaking” of us. By nature, it could be easy to respond to him with bitterness, hurt feelings, and temper tantrums. But if we trust him, if we believe it is for our good, if we know that it will lead ultimately to our happiness and usefulness to him, we can let him break us and carry us while we heal correctly. We can accept his comfort and companionship through the process, and something supernatural will begin to happen.  Our spirit, and His spirit begin to communicate, and come in tune with one another.

Serendipity. Gentleness. Courage. Strength. Grace. Usefulness to the Master.  These are just a few of the results that come from allowing him to break us….in the right places.

Oh, somehow Father, break me in the right places and make me useful and pleasurable to you!


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